Therapeutic interventions

Therapeutic interventions are used to treat a wide range of conditions that impact personal, social lives and daily functioning.

Therapeutic interventions for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)

Excessive sweating is extremely uncomfortable and can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life. We use injections to reduce the amount of sweat created by the sweat glands.

  • Underarms: from $800
  • Face: Price upon consult

What to expect?

  • Downtime: no
  • Pain: mild
  • Treatment time: 15-30 mins

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is uncontrollable, excessive and unpredictable sweating that occurs regardless or temperature or movement. You may experience excessive sweating in certain areas of the body such as the armpits, hands, feet or face, or over the entire body.


Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area up to one hour before the injections. Then, we will inject a toxin that helps to prevent the release of a chemical that signals the sweat glands to activate. Due to regulations, we can’t advertise the toxin used, however if you would like to find out more information feel free to give the practice a call on 4943 3232.

This treatment is most effective when the hyperhidrosis is confined to one area of the body.

What part of the body?

This treatment is commonly used for excessive sweating in the underarms, but it can also be used on the palms on the hands and soles of the feet. Injections in the hands and feet may be more painful than the underarms, as there are more nerve endings in this area.

Why you do it

Living with hyperhidrosis can have serious consequences for an individual’s quality of life and psychosocial wellbeing. Detection and management of the condition can significantly improve your wellbeing, discomfort, social life, ability to participate in recreational activities, develop personal relationships and work life.


Injections significantly reduce the amount of sweat produced by sweat glands when injected around the glands. It is an extremely cost-effective treatment option with no downtime.

Possible side effects

Patients usually only experience minor side effects such as:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness


You will start seeing results in five days, with full results after two weeks.

It’s important to keep the affected areas as clean and dry as possible. Wear clothes made of natural fibres such as silk or cotton, this will allow your skin to breathe. Drink plenty of water to replace the lost fluids.

You will be able to apply antiperspirants as soon as the skin has recovered, about 4-12 hours after treatment. Avoid vigorous exercise or extreme heat for 48 hours after treatment.

Typically, you will need a treatment every four to six months as the nerves regenerate. However, over time, patients can go longer between treatments.

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