Therapeutic interventions

Therapeutic interventions are used to treat a wide range of conditions that impact personal, social lives and daily functioning.

Therapeutic interventions for Bruxism (Teeth grinding)

Teeth grinding is a very common condition that can lead to serious dental problems if not managed properly. We use injections to relax the muscles responsible for teeth grinding and reduce the damaging effects.

What to expect?

  • Downtime: no
  • Pain: mild
  • Treatment time: 10-30 mins

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the involuntary clenching, grinding, grating and gnashing of teeth. It generally occurs at night and most people are unaware of it until their partner tells them (if they hear it at night) or they start experiencing advanced symptoms such as toothaches, jaw pain, headaches and worn/sensitive teeth.


Using fine needles, we inject a muscle relaxant into the muscles responsible for clenching including the massters, the temporalis and the frontalis.

Due to regulations, we can’t advertise the toxin used, however if you would like to find out more information feel free to give us a call on 49433232.

What part of the body?

The muscle relaxant is injected directly into the jaw muscles.

Why you do it

By injecting small doses directly into the jaw muscle, it is relaxed enough to stop the involuntary grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. This significantly reduces the muscle’s ability to cause long-term damage.

Chewing and facial expressions are not affected by the treatment.


Although muscle relaxant injections are not a cure for bruxism, they can effectively control the uncomfortable symptoms better than a nightguard of other dental treatment for some patients. The treatment typically lasts for three to four months.

Possible side effects

The amount of muscle relaxant is carefully measured and appropriate for your case and the injection site is very localised so the side effects are minimised. Possible side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Pain, burning or stinging
  • Swelling
  • Redness and bruising


To allow the injections to take full effect, we recommend avoiding:

  • Rubbing or massaging of the area for 4 hours after treatment
  • Strenuous activities for 24 hours after treatment
  • Laying on your face for 4 hours after treatment

The treatment takes around 2-4 days to begin taking effect and can take up to 7 days to reach full effect. The injections generally last for 3-4 months.

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