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At Charlestown Cosmetic Medicine, we practice a holistic approach to skincare, treating the cause not the symptom of the problem. Our skincare experts can restore your natural beauty, empowering you to look and feel your best.

Skincare & Beauty

With our range of non-invasive skincare treatments, we can help you maintain a natural appearance and show off your best features. Whether you have wrinkles, veins, scars or acne, we can help revitalise your skin and achieve a more radiant complexion.

Charlestown Cosmetic Medicine offers complimentary consultations for all first-time patients. We’ll discuss your skin concerns and develop a tailored treatment plan that best suits your skin. Book an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic skincare focuses on the root cause of the skin imbalances, not just the symptoms. We use treatments to heal the body and create healthier-looking skin, with instant and long-term results.

Everyone’s skin is different and everyone will have different skincare goals. Charlestown Cosmetic Medicine offers a range of skincare treatments to combat different skin concerns and free consultations for first-time patients. We’ll discuss a tailored treatment plan suitable for your skin type and needs, working together to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Preparing your skin for treatment will differ depending on what treatment you will be receiving. In your consultation, our skincare experts will be able to provide you with specific pre-treatment preparation tips for your skin.

We will provide you with specific aftercare advice for your treatment. In general, you will need to avoid touching the treated area, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, use suncream and avoid heavy exercise or any activity that will make you sweat. You may also require additional treatments for optimal effectiveness.

Every person’s skin is different so your skin may react differently to the treatments. But the majority of our skincare treatments are non-invasive and require minimal downtime, so you should be able to resume your normal activities straight after treatment.

Each treatment is different, some will have immediate results, while treatments such as Laser and Derma Pen 4 will take longer to see the full effect. In your consultation, our skincare experts can provide you with specific advice for your skin treatment.