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Laser treatment for benign mole/skin tag removal

Non-surgical procedure to remove benign non-cancerous moles and skin tags. It is an effective, relatively pain-free treatment to improve the cosmetic appearance of your skin.

What to expect?

  • Downtime: 1-2 weeks to completely heal
  • Pain: only mild discomfort as local anaesthetic is used
  • Treatment time: 30mins

What is the Treatment?

Benign non-cancerous skin tags and moles often go unnoticed except when they’re on prominent parts of your body or repeatedly scratched, rubbed by jewellery, clothing or while shaving.

Many skin tags and moles don’t cause medical concerns, but they may cause cosmetic concerns and for this reason, many people get them removed with laser treatment.

K-Laser Blue Derma

At Charlestown Cosmetic Medicine, we use the K-Laser Blue Derma for all our laser treatments. The state-of-the-art laser technology utilises blue light, which offers several advantages over infra-red laser, including improved accuracy and minimal damage to surrounding areas.

The Blue Derma is the most precise way to remove moles, creating nearly no thermal damage to surrounding tissues. Less inflammation, no scarring and no post-surgery pain is experienced.


The laser shaves the mole or skin tag off flat with the skin. This removes both the contour and pigment deformity. Because the skin is not cut through, there is no need for stitches. The whole procedure is usually only done with a local anesthetic.

What part of the body?

Skin tags and moles are found all over the body, but are often found around the:

  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • Groin
  • Under breasts
  • Neck
  • Upper chest

Why you do it

Many people don’t like the appearance of moles and skin tags, particularly if they are in prominent places such as the face and neck. Using laser is a non-invasive way to remove them and restore the skin.


The benefits of laser mole/skin tag removal include:

  • Little or no scarring
  • No need for surgery
  • The procedure takes only a few minutes
  • Healing occurs within 1-2 weeks

Possible side effects

In very rare cases, the mole can regrow. However, if this does occur, most people choose to have the laser procedure again. There is also a small chance of a scar forming.


The wound is only a shallow graze that is initially covered with ointment. The skin heals over in around one week. It will be slightly pink for a few weeks before it finally settles down.

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