Ultimate A Refining Serum 30ml

ULTRACEUTICALS ULTIMATE REFINING SERUM 30 ml renewal serum will stop the aging process of the skin and provide therapeutic care. The action of the remedy is manifested in the activation of processes that stimulate the production of natural elastin and collagen by the skin. The unique formula of the serum is based on the patented Ultraceuticals technology, which marked the ability to transport retinol not only to the surface layers of the dermis, but also inside. Retinol prevents wrinkles and slows down aging, and in combination with bromelain and provitamin C, the epidermis regenerates even faster. Regular use of the product leads to an improvement in the general condition of the skin of the face, minimization of foci of hyperpigmentation. The serum slows down inflammation, promotes the appearance of natural radiance. The product is suitable for all skin types, even for the very sensitive, thanks to the content of a whole complex of soothing ingredients. The effect of using the product can be seen after several uses, and with regular use, the skin is visibly transformed and looks younger. The Ultimate Refining Serum is specially packaged to keep out air to prevent oxidation of important ingredients.

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